How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free?

YouTube has over 122 million active users daily. 1 billion hours of content is watched across the world every day. It is the most popular video streaming app on the Internet.

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide (Tube filter, 2019). That’s 30,000 hours of video uploaded every hour. And 720,000 hours of video are uploaded every day to YouTube. (As per statistics in 2019, today the number could be even bigger).

With so many videos being uploaded every day, to stand out among these videos can seem to be a tough job. However, there are some tried and tested ways to stand out.

In this blog I will list down 11 tried, tested and proven tricks to get your YouTube channel noticed online and get subscribers and viewers for your videos.

Many of my clients have just started their YouTube creator journey and often they are humble beginnings. With the budgets being low, I often give them these tricks and they work really well.

I have got feedback from a major chunk of clients on these tricks and all have now got a good number of viewers and subscribers for their channels.

So, let’s begin.

  1. Post Engaging Content: The most important of all the tricks is posting engaging content. Let’s face it, you do everything right but do not have engaging content, no one is going to want to see your video. They will not share it or subscribe your channel or even like it. So, the most important trick is to post engaging yet relevant content. The best way is to add jokes, metaphors, anecdotes wherever possible in your video. Keep the lighting and ambience bright and attractive. Have crisp attire. Use a good camera and mic to record yourself. Be confident about your topic and do your research well.
  2. Consistency: Posting engaging content is just one part of the YouTube fame game. The second part is consistency in posting engaging content. Do not be a one-time bloomer or do not give up on creativity after the first video. Continue the efforts of engaging, relevant content continuously across all your videos on YouTube. Keep posting videos at regular intervals, break down big topics to smaller videos. Regular posting will keep your subscribers and viewers engaged and even bring new ones to your channel.
  3. Leverage Your Website: Upload your YouTube Videos on your website also. Link your YouTube Channel to your website to convert the website visitors to subscribers and viewers. The more visitors your website gets, the chances of getting a new audience to your YouTube channel increases. You can also use a YouTube Widget on your website, there are many plugins for the same.
  4. Social Media: Use all your social media handles wisely to promote your YouTube channel. Remember each platform has a different format of content so make such content for social media. For example, use some screenshots from your YouTube video and use it as a Instagram story and promote your channel on Instagram. Use the cover photo of your YouTube video on your Instagram Post Feed and promote your channel. Tweet a quote or an important point from your video on twitter and leave a link to the channel or the video on twitter. Use a short clipping of your video on Facebook and post it with a button “watch more” which links to your channel. Use all social media platforms and content they have to your benefit and promote your YouTube Channel for free. Remember to use proper hashtags wherever necessary.
  5. Go Live: Livestream on YouTube, and connect it with different social media which allow livestreaming. Going live with your audience is the great way to keep them engaged and also bring in new subscribers and viewers. This also gives a chance to know your audience first hand. Do some Q&A sessions, plan some direct one on one questions with you or just plain simple discussions on current topics relevant to your niche. You can repurpose the same livestream by recording it and sharing it across social media and uploading it on YouTube as another video.
  6. Contests and Giveaways: A lot of mobile reviewers do this a lot, they run contests and giveaways on select brands. Use the same trick, ask your audience about what relevant topics you covered in the last video or any important information you shared and give them prizes. Everyone likes to win goodies, so leverage this human behavioural trait to your benefit to engage your audience and keep coming back to you. It is also a great way to lure new viewers and subscribers.
  7. Collaborate or Cross Channel Shout Outs: Reach out to other creators. It is not important that they belong to your niche, just reach out to them and request them to give you a shout out or speak about your video or topic for sometime in their own feed. The audience they have can also start watching your videos too. Also make sure you promote other creators too that really have some good content or something really good to offer to your viewers too.
  8. Analytics: Use YouTube Analytics, it is a great way to know the likes and dislikes of your audience. It shows you which of your videos did well and what did not. Try making similar content to that which got the greatest number of likes or which was viewed the most and for most amount of time. Remember you need to give your viewers to stick to your videos for a longer period of time and if you know what they like half the battle is won.
  9. SEO Friendliness: Yes, even YouTube videos have to be SEO friendly as they need to rank on YouTube whenever a query is searched for. To make your YouTube videos relevant use the relevant keywords which have a high search volume and use these keywords smartly in your script. Remember do not even over stuff your script with the keyword or it can tend to make the video boring. Use the same keyword in description and YouTube Tags too. While sharing the video on other social media channels see to it that you can use the hashtags that are the keyword or revolve around the keyword. For keyword research you can use free tools like Ubersuggest and for hashtags use hashtag generator tools available on the net or the Appstore.
  10. Interact With Your Audience: It is important to interact with your audience. Reply to their comments, if they have some objections answer them politely and with assertiveness. Try to get them interact with you more by encouraging them positively to comment on your videos or let you know what topic they would like a video on. It is all about making your audience feel important and noticed.
  11. Celebrate With Your Audience: Celebrate achievements with your audience. Share your milestones with them, share how you felt about achieving that milestone, make a video about that journey and share it with your audience and celebrate with your audience. Thank them for supporting you. This may not seem to be a big trick but trust me gratitude in the virtual world works miracles.

Use these 11 tricks consistently and be patient. Rome was not built in one day and success cannot be achieved over night. Consistency, patience and quality content are the guru mantras for YouTube success. If you want my agency The Brandwaala, to handle your YouTube Marketing for you then click here.

Let us take care of your YouTube marketing while you create amazing content. 

Kunal Patrawala

Kunal Patrawala

Hi. I am Kunal, a certified digital marketer. I have an experience of 13 years in the fields of sales and marketing. I have worked for brands like 3G MUMBAI and LG. I have worked in the real estate, IT, Consumer Electronics, Plastics, etc in my 13 year journey of my work experience. I am passionate about marketing and business development and thus decided to start The Brandwaala along with my team.

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