7 Content Marketing Tips That Actually Work.

Every marketer knows that content is king and the way to win over search engines is to create more content. The more content you create gets you a higher chance to rank your website on the search engines.

However, this all good in theory and not in the practical, real world. Not all content that you create will get you the results or the goals that you have set out for. This means, that the time you spent creating that content and the efforts are all wasted.

Then how to be sure that the content you create will get you the desired results and the time and efforts on it are not wasted.

Just like the7 SEO Tips To Help Your Website Rank Higher In Search Engines, I have come up with 7 practical, tried and tested tips of content marketing that actually work.  

1. New Content Is A Win-Win:

Agreed that more the content, the chances of ranking higher on search engines is also more. However, if you just keep creating content that is not fresh, you will not see any constructive results in rankings.

I have observed that the attention span of people on the internet is less. People now have attention spans of less than 8 seconds.

People stay on the page within 10-20 seconds unless you offer a clear value proposition within the first 10 seconds.

So, to keep people engaged on your page you need to generate fresh content. The fresher your content the better the engagement. This also helps in brand awareness and authority. With more traffic coming in and unique website visitors the search engines also rank you better.

New Content

2. Think Of Conversions:

If your content does not earn you revenue, then it is just useless and a time-wasting activity. Unless you are a spiritual guide or a non-profit, who does not wish to earn revenue, your content should earn you revenue. Do not revolve your content around the search engines. Yes, you should write your content for your audience but be smart enough to integrate some click baits or sales techniques to sell your products or services.

3.Graphics, Videos And GIFs:

With an attention span of just 8 seconds, which happens to be less than a gold fish, it is important that you keep your audience engaged on your page. To do this use graphics, infographics, videos and GIFs to keep the content interesting. No one likes to read a long piece without any graphics or pictures in it. Rather they would prefer a video. If you want to create a time-consuming content piece, then segregate it into different parts. Graphics, GIFs, Videos make the content more interesting.

4. New Topics:

There are around 2,25,00,00,000 search results for the term “digital marketing” and only 246,000 people are searching for it in a month. The search results are around 9,146 times the volume of people who searched for it. Huge number, isn’t it? People will not like to read the same stuff again on your website or blog. Think about writing something unique or presenting the content in a unique way. Use a different infographic or a different video. Generate something new to be your audience’s favourite.

5. Spend More Time Promoting:

You spend a lot of time creating the content, it is good. However, all that effort and time is wasted if you do not spend equal amount or more time promoting it. I follow a trick suggested by Neil Patel, the founder of NP DIGITAL. He is my mentor. Neil says, “If you spend 2 hours writing a piece of content, spend 8 hours promoting it. It does not always have to be that way. The point is to spend more time on promoting than writing.” He calls this rule the 80/20 rule. I follow this rule and I have got substantial results on my website. 

6. Build An Email List:

Collecting emails is important. Create an exit pop-up or other click bait forms to collect emails from site visitors. This will help you in 3 ways. 1. You get an email list which you can use for email marketing. 2. You know how many people are actually interested in your content. 3. You can interact with these people and get an insight on what your audience likes or dislikes.

7. Repurposing Your Content:

It does not matter how creative and resourceful you are, practically you cannot create new content every day. It is impossible. So, the best way is to repurpose existing and old content and update it, edit it and use it across the various marketing platforms and social media channels. I can create content for 3 platforms from just one blog post. What’s more, I get huge traffic from all social media channels on my website. The repurposing also helps me build credibility and authority of my brand on all these platforms.

These are the best tricks for content marketing. If you find it difficult to use these tricks or want my agency to help you with your content marketing, you can mail us at thebrandwaala@gmail.com or call us on +91 76 2094 04 13 and we shall make sure that your content is ranked on search engines and gets you your desired results.

Kunal Patrawala

Kunal Patrawala

Hi. I am Kunal, a certified digital marketer. I have an experience of 13 years in the fields of sales and marketing. I have worked for brands like 3G MUMBAI and LG. I have worked in the real estate, IT, Consumer Electronics, Plastics, etc in my 13 year journey of my work experience. I am passionate about marketing and business development and thus decided to start The Brandwaala along with my team.

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